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References TMS 2011

TMS 2011-E(2).pdf
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      Dear Brethren:
Theocratic Ministry School References 2011, was created to help more Brethren quickly find the information source of his speeches, this is just a basic guide to sources information. As you know in certain parts of the world are brothers who do not have enough time to prepare all the information, this document is special for these circumstances.
Prior to this document came the version in Spanish in 2010, TMS 2011 now comes with certain adjustments to the image on the orders of the branch, without logos of the watchtower, I suggest you not try to upload it to Web pages is for personal use. The format was done in Office 2007 and is converted to PDF format for use fastest. Hyperlinks were placed in the "Schedule Weeks" to find dates and fastest source of information.
The format is made especially for printing and binding, in leaf size and mirror margins Charter to be printed "side by side" or "two faces", this is the order of printing: Cover (front) - Schedule Weeks (Back), pages 3 onwards margins are symmetrical: Page 3 (front) - page 4 (back).
Created with happiness, your objective is: praise Jehovah. That will always be the goal. For more information, suggestions or questions, please contact this e-mail
Please accept my love and Christian love:
Jahaziel Vázquez H.

TMS 2011-E(2).pdf
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